Who owns the Mitron App? This is the app of which country?

Let’s know today who is the owner of Mitron App, where Mitron is the app of which country. If you are asked what is the most popular app in short video making. So your answer will be Tik Tok as it is quite a popular app. About which almost all smartphone users know today. Whenever something is popular, its clones also begin to be made. As Tik Tok became popular, similar apps like Likee, Vigo have come in the market. A new app Mitron has also been added to this list, which has been gaining popularity since the beginning due to the contrast.

Mitron app is a short video sharing platform like Tik Talk in which you can create and share your short videos. If you run Tik Tok you will not see much difference between Mitron and Tik Tok. Because the same type of coding has been used to make both apps. Since Mitron app is becoming very popular among Indian people. In such a situation, many people want to know who is the owner of Mitron App, where is this app, if you also want to know about it, then read this post carefully.

Who owns the Mitron App

According to media information, the owner of Mitron App is Shivank Agrawal. Those who are students of IIT Roorkee, launched their app on 11 April 2020. And it was published in the Playstore as Mitron TV. This app has been recognized as an Indian from the beginning, due to which Google Playstore has more than 5 million users in a very short time.

Well for your information, please tell that it was removed from the Playstore on 2 June 2020. The main reason behind which was stated the privacy policy and some security issues, but now some updates have been done due to which it has come back to the Playstore.

Mitron App is the app of which country?

If you too are considering it as an Indian, then tell you that it has not been prepared in India. According to the media report, it was invented in Pakistan, this app is originally from Pakistan. Mitron app has been purchased from a Pakistani developers for around Rs 2,500. The real name of the Mitron app was said to be tick and it was said to have been created by Qboxus, a company of Irfan Sheikh of Pakistan.

Irfan Sheikh sold the source code of this app to someone for 34 dollars i.e. around Rs 2,500. Now the problem here is not from the developer and Pakistan, the problem is to promote in the name of privacy and Made in India. The truth is that there is no change in the Pakistani tick app. Only the tick has been named Mitron.

Irfan Sheikh, the founder of Qboxus Company, says that he wants his customers to create something new using their source code. But the developer of the Mitron app has not made any change in their product, just changed the name and logo and uploaded it to the Playstore. Even though the owner of its Mitron app is Indian but it has been made in Pakistan.

So now you must know who is the owner of Mitron App, Mitron is the app of which country. If you too are thinking of using it, then tell you that at the moment it does not have any exact owner nor does it know the data source. In the information given above, it is only claimed that you should avoid using it. Whenever there is no real owner of a thing, its future is often in the dark, such a thing can be closed anytime.

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