How to earn money online from Jio Phone in 2020

Let us know today how to earn money from Jio Phone Online 2020, rupees can also be earned along with searching questions and viewing photo videos in the internet. If you are also a Jio Phone user and you want to earn money from your mobile, then this post will prove to be helpful for you. Because in this post we are going to tell you some ways that work in Bakai.

As far as smartphone users are concerned, it becomes easy for them to earn money because there are many apps and games available for smartphone users. You cannot install Android apps in Jio Phone but you can run the website with the help of a browser.

However, it is not easy to earn money from Jio phone because it has a very small screen which has to be run with the help of buttons. In such a situation, you have to work a little hard, Jio is the cheapest keypad smartphone in the country, in which you can enjoy the feature of a 4G mobile at a low price.

It has been made keeping in mind the need of common people of India, that is why crores of users use Jio Phone today Jio Phone is not designed to earn money. It only entertains you, but if you run internet in it, then you can also earn money.

How to earn money from Jio Phone

There are a lot of money making apps games and websites in the internet but most of these work only on smartphones, however there are some ways that really fit for Jio Phone. In this post we are going to tell you about some main methods. Using which you can earn, then let us know how to earn money from live phone.

1. By playing the game you will also know that MPL is very popular in earning money by playing games on a smartphone. But currently it is not available for Jio phone, in such a way, you can run an online website called from your mobile browser. In this website, you can also earn money by playing the game and referring it.

First of all you have to sign up in this website, for which you will need a Gmail ID. After creating an account, you can earn money by completing different tasks in it. Also, you can transfer your won money to your Paytm Account.

2. If you want to earn money by completing ads and completing ads, then and will be the best website for you. Both of these are very old websites and till now they have paid crores of rupees to their users, in these websites you do not need to work much.

To earn money from them, first you have to create your account on them with the help of Gmail ID. When your account is created, you will be shown advertisements on which you will also be paid. In this, if you complete the survey, you will also get the money, after having enough money, you can transfer these money to your wallet.

3. By referring to Jio Chat App, this Jio Chat App has been created by the jio sim company itself. With which you can talk to your friends, the company wants to make this app popular. For this, he has introduced the feature of Refer and Earn, through which you can earn up to a maximum of 2 thousand rupees. This will settle the price of your Jio mobile.

For this, you have to first go to your Jio Phone’s App Store and install the Jio Chat App. After this, register with your mobile number in this app, you will get a referral link. If any user installs Jio Chat App from your link then you will get its money.

4. Earned by Link Short Whenever you click on a link to download a movie, you are shown ads before the link opens. You can also do this work with your Jio Phone, in which you shorten the link of any important file in the link shortner website and share it online with your friends, instead you get paid.

The best website for this is and, it is a very popular site in its field, in which also you have to first create an account with your Gmail ID. After this, shortcode of a movie-like file is to be shared and shared on social media, although the payment is given to you through paypal. In such a situation, use them only after having a paypal account.

5. Earn with Facebook If you use the Internet, you must have a Facebook account. You can also use Facebook easily in Jio Phone, in this you have to create pages and groups and add a good number of members to your page and group. If you are successful in adding millions of members online, then you can earn money instead.

When your page or group becomes popular, you can earn millions by selling it to a website owner. However, this work is a little smiling because adding likes and group members in the page is very smiling and it becomes even more tighter in Jio Mobile.

6. If you have not yet created your paytm account with Paytm, then you should create an account on it soon as it gives cashback on recharging. You can get cashback of your friends or any other person by doing mobile recharge, electricity bill and DTH recharge.

However, if you are a live mobile user, then you will have a paytm account. Because before recharging someone with this, you have to add money to your ATM card in it and why the person who has an ATM card will use Jio Mobile. Because anyone who has an ATM card must have a smartphone.

So now you must know how to earn money from Jio Phone . If you are also a live mobile user and you want to earn money from this, then the methods mentioned above will work for you. Many users must be wondering why methods like youtube and blog website have not been mentioned in this post. So tell you that these are the ways for which you must have a smartphone. Running youtube channels and blogs from Jio phone is very easy work. So hope this post is helpful for you.

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