How to deposit money in ATM machine 2020 new way

In this post, you will learn how to deposit or put money in an ATM machine . As we all know that most people like to go to the bank to deposit money in their account. People believe that depositing cash in the bank is more secure. However, for this, you have to be in a long line in the branch. If you want to save your time and avoid long lines. So its best option is ATM where you can deposit money in your account within just few minutes. The country’s largest bank SBI has provided Cash Deposit Machine in most of its branches.

Here you do not have to be confused about the Cash Deposit Machine. This is different from an ATM machine. On one side, where you withdraw money from an ATM, you deposit your money with the Cash Deposit Machine. Although both seem to be the same in view, you get a slot in the money pouring machine. In which you keep money. So if you also want to know about how to deposit and put money in ATM machine, then read this post carefully. Today, most of the big banks of the country like SBI, PNB or Bank of Baroda are providing this facility to their customers.

How to deposit money in ATM machine

In this post, we are going to tell you how to deposit money from the Cash Deposit Machine of State Bank of India because most people of the country use SBI Bank. If you are a customer of another bank, then you may notice some difference between SBI and your bank’s ATM. But in all you have to follow almost the same way.

There are two ways to put money in the machine, first ATM card and second account number. This is also possible if you want to deposit money in someone else’s account with this machine. However, for this, you should know information like the account number of another. If you want to deposit money in your own account, for this you will need ATM card and its four digit PIN, then the information about how to do this is given below.

1. To deposit money, first put your ATM card in the card slot. Note here that some of the machines leave as soon as the card is swapped, while in some, it comes out after the process is completed.

2. Now you have to select one of your language English or Hindi.

3. After this, you have to enter any number of two digits between 10 and 99 like enter 25.

4. Now you will be asked to enter your four digit PIN.

5. As soon as you enter the PIN, many options will appear in front of you, you have to click on banking to enter money.

6. Now click on the deposit option at the top left side.

7. After this, click on the cash deposit in the right side.

8. Here you will be told the deposit limit per transaction, along with that it will also be told that this process is free. Now click on the Continue below.

9. After this you have to choose your account type like savings account is selected here.

10. After doing this, after waiting a little, the box to deposit money will open in which you have to keep your money. It is to be noted here that you can deposit 100, 200, 500 and 2000 notes in the machine, 10, 20 and 50 notes will not play in it.

11. Then click enter after placing the money.

12. This machine will check your deposited notes, if there is no money deposited at once, keep turning the notes, making sure that the machine will not accept the torn or smelled notes, here you have to keep the hard and clean notes.

13. As soon as the machine accepts your notes, then the display will tell you their details. Like how much money you have to put, if everything is correct then click on confirm.

14. After this, your money will be deposited in your account and you will get the receipt from the machine, if your card is in the machine, now you can withdraw it.

In this way, you can add money to your account by following some simple steps. It has been a long time since the launch of this facility in India, but very few people use it due to lack of information. However, now a lot of people are trying to use it by using the internet, you can not only save time but also avoid the long line of bank.

So now you must know how to deposit money in an ATM machine  and insert the above-mentioned method of SBI Bank ATM, so you will be able to follow some simple steps and deposit your money in your account. It is as easy as withdrawing money at the ATM. If you still do not understand, you can take help of the guard present there. If there is no guard or he does not help for any reason then you can seek information from the bank. Hope this information will prove helpful to you.

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