How to Hide Gallery Photos in 10 Seconds

Let’s know today how to hide the  photos of the gallery. We all have some such personal photos and videos in our mobiles, which we often do not want to share with anyone. Many times our phone goes to the family, so that they can see your personal files such as images, audio or video. But the biggest danger comes from some friends, because if any of your personal files are found in the hands of friends, then they can take advantage of it wrongly. In such a situation, you should always keep a lock in your phone’s gallery file so that no one can see your personal file. In the Internet, you will find hundreds of apps and software from which you can hide your media files.

But there are some such apps which are quite popular and work well. This is also possible if you want to hide the photo of the gallery without any App. But its process is a bit complicated and you have to search the file photo video again and again. If you also want to know how to do Photo Hide in Gallery, then read this post carefully. Because in this post, we are going to tell you about such apps that are calculator in view and it also works as a calculator, but inside it you can hide your file.

How to Hide Gallery Photos

Here we are going to tell about the Photo Hide App. Its name is Calculator – Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos created by the developer of FishingNet. Whenever you search the calculator vault in the Play Store, you will get this app first in the result. If you want this app now, you can install it by clicking here .

So far it has downloaded more than 5 million users in the Google Play Store, as well as a great rating of 4.8 by the user. As we told you from above, it works as a calculator and inside you hide your personal file. It is very easy to use, you can set it up in just a few seconds, so let’s know how to do it.

1. First download and install the Calculator Photo Vault App from the link given above.

2. When you open it, it will open as a calculator, in this you will have to create a four digit password like typing 9876 and clicking the icon of =.

3. To confirm the password, you need to write 9876 again and click = icon. This is your password, which you can keep anything you want. Whenever you have to go to the hidden photo from the calculator, you have to enter your password and click on = your hidden photo will open.

4. After creating the password, this app will ask for some permission you have to allow all.

5. Now you will be asked to set a security recovery question like what is the name of your birthplace and after entering your birthplace click on enter. Now you will have a message show about resetting the password, which you have to read and get it.

6. After this your hidden file homepage will open, now you have to click on the plus + icon to hide the photo from your gallery. After this you have to click on any file like Picture, Video Hide.

7. This will open the gallery of your phone, here you have to select more than one photo and click on Move to Vault. With this, those files will be hidden from your gallery which you can see in this secret app.

8. If you want to see your photo videos again in your mobile gallery, then you have to select those photos and click on the unlock icon. This will start showing in your photo gallery.

In this way, you can hide your personal photo by following some steps. By the way, many times we forget the password, so if you forget the password in this app, to recover it, you have to write 11223344 in the calculator and click on the icon.

After this you will be asked for security question as if you had previously set that where is your birthplace, you can create a new password as soon as you enter it. Here you also have to take care of some things like if you need to uninstall this app, first of all you have to show all your photos back in the gallery. Because your highlighted image file can also be deleted when the app is uninstalled.

So now you must know how to hide Gallery photos, it is very easy to hide the image in any phone, for this, methods like App and Without App are used. In this post, we have told you the method of the app, which is supposed to be the easiest way to hide the photo. If you want to hide your personal files in a more advanced way, you can use the Safe Gallery Media App. For more information, you can read the post below.

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