How to backup WordPress with updraft plus plugin (Complete Guide)

Hello friends, all of you are welcome in my post. In today’s post, we will talk about the security of the blog. Today I will tell you how to backup a blog with the UpdraftPlus plugin in WordPress Blog, that too directly in Google Drive. If you are a blogger, then you must have known that in the past , someone has hacked (feel very bad) the site of Hindi world best blogger Rohit ji, and they have to face many difficulties to recover their website. But the most plus point in this was that Rohit ji had complete backup of his blog, so his website was recovered.

Previously, I also did not back up my blog, due to which I also had such a problem, but I already had a backup in my hosting, so I also did not have much problem. I wrote a post recently, in which I told about taking full backup of the blog with the help of the plugin, but from that you can only manually backup and it is not possible that you download 200-500 data daily. So it is important that there is a way to save your backup in google drive every day without doing anything.

The plugin I told earlier is not that it is of no use to you, but all backup plugins do their own work and even if you use that plugin ( all in one WP migration ) , you will still need to complete backup can be found. You can read that post for more information. Today, almost all pro bloggers use the plugin I’m talking about. I read somewhere on the media social himself Rohit G, Anytechinfokcom Ravi Kumar, Gyanianskcom Neeraj Parmar G (Neil Laird) might take backup of your blog this plugin and hereafter I whose use I’ll do a backup of my blog.

You do blogging and if you want your hard work not to go waste then you should make a daily backup of your blog. updraftplus plugin itself has been recommended by Rohit ji, so I thought that we should also use it but if you have to backup it directly in your google drive, then you have to do some setting for it first. Meaning updraft plus will have to be allowed in your google drive and for this you have to give updraftplus your api key. So let’s see how the api key is setup so that you save daily backup in your drive.

How To Take Backup In Google Drive Using UpdraftPlus

First of all, you have to install UpdraftPlus Plugin in your WordPress blog for this. Simply go to the dashboard and click on Plugin> add new, search for updarft plus plugin and install and activate it. Keep in mind that the plugin is in the name of updraft and more than 1 million people use it for backup of their blog / website.

After the Plugin is activated, you go to Settings and open the updraft plus plugin. Now click on setting in its dashboard. In the setting section, first select daily in both of the backup. If you want, you can backup the blog after every four hours. I would recommend this daily.

After this, the option comes down to where you want to put your backup. If you want, you can select more than one source, in which you can save your backup. Here again I will recommend google drive. You click on google drive. Now leave this window and click here to login to the developer account of google. Simply use your email and password to login.

After this you now have to setup api for the drive. For this, click on Drive Api in Gsuit Api. After clicking, the option to enable api at the top is the option to enable api by clicking on it.

In the next screen, click on the credentials as shown in the picture and click on the Oauth consent screen. Your email address will be written in it, you do not have to do anything in it, just save it.

After saving, you will have the option to create credentials on your screen, you have to click on it and then click on 0auth Clint ID to create the Clint ID. After clicking, there will be an option to create clint ID. First of all, click on the web application. Then write the updraft in the name. Then copy and paste the url of the homepage of your site. Now the last is to add a link to auth URl, for that you will once again go to the settings of UpdraftPlus plugin in your WordPress dashboard, there you will see a URL, you copy it and paste it here. Then click on create.

On clicking, your Clint ID and Clint Secret will come to your screen, now you have to copy the Clint ID first and in your wordpress, there is an option to paste it in the settings page of the updraft, you paste it there. After that, copy and paste the other url in the same way.

Ok Done Now half your work is done.

Now you have to do another work, you have to join a group of google by clicking here , which has to give permission for allow risky app, you can join the group by clicking on join group .

After joining the group, you again go to the dashboard and click on the option to verify it there. After clicking, you simply click on allow. Keep in mind that clicking on allow means that you are giving this permission to updraft so that it can save its data in your drive. To say that you are giving him the right to manage.

If everything is correct then the message of success will come in your dashboard. In the meantime, if there is any error, then there is no reason to panic. It is possible that we have setup the API some time ago, so some error is coming or you may want to go to your api dashboard and check whether your api is enabled or not. If it is not enabled, you will be able to enable it and try again.

Congratulations! Now the complete set of your blog is done. You will also get a conforming email from google that the updraft has been connected. Now daily backup automatic save will be in your drive, you do not need to do anything.


You may have a little problem in setting up updraft plus plugin but I think we should definitely use the pro blogger recommended and as far as Rohit sir is concerned, thankfully he had backup of his blog so his site recovered. One more thing I would like to mention is that the drive you want to use for backup should be created with the same email account that no one knows about, because maybe your email is also hacked, then your data is not recovered. By the way, if you wish, you can enable 2step verification in your email account by clicking here, so that your email account can be kept safe to some extent.

So friends, if you want that your hard work is not wasted and your blog is also secure, then you must use this updraft plus plugin and if you face any problem in setup, you can take help in the comment box. I hope that you liked this post of mine, that you must share this post on your social media so that they will also get help.

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